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Information Library - Research - Anti-Inflammatory

Layman's Introduction

Inflammation is generally an important aspect of the immune system's ability to fight off bacteria, viruses and parasites. Inflammation marshals the body's pathogen fighting defenses and then ideally subsides while healing takes place. However, if inflammation does not die down for genetic or other reasons it can turn on the body itself and become a cause of chronic disease. It also appears that many factors in modern lifestyles such as stress and enviromental contaminants may be contributing to increased rates of chronic inflammation. The possibiltiy exists that by treating inflammation a number of related diseases may be tackled by the one treatment.

Fulhold has been aware of the anti-inflammatory properties of CHD-FA since first manufacturing the product. The research reports in this section provide information on a number of anti-inflammatory studies carried out both in animals and in humans. One of the research projects indicates that CHD-FA may be anti-inflammatory because it is able to suppress certain signalling proteins that are part of the immune system inflammatory response.

In vivo Anti-Inflammatory

This research induced an inflammation into a rat's paw. The rat was treated with CHD-FA. The rate of reduction in the inflammation as a result of ingesting CHD-FA was equivalent to that of Indamethacin, an effective, but toxic, anti-inflammatory that is often used to treat burn victims.

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