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Information Library - Research - Diabetes

Layman's Introduction

Type II diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterised by the inability of cells to take up sufficient glucose and relative insulin resistance or insufficient production of insulin. It is a common problem and in adult onset type II diabetes is often the result of poor lifestyle choices such as obesity and lack of exercise. This is a widespread condition in Western countries and also in Africa. Anecdotal reports from Type II diabetic individuals using CHD-FA who had noticed a reduction in their requirements for medication led Fulhold to commission research to see if CHD-FA could assist with this condition.

The Diabetes Discovery Platform at the Medical Reserch Council in Belleville, Cape Town, was asked to conduct the research. Work was done to test whether CHD-FA improves the uptake of glucose both in-vitro and in-vivo. In the research t date CHD-FA has been shown to improve the uptake of glucose to the same extent as Metformin, a commonly used treatment drug.

Research is continuing in this important area and new data will be published to this site once completed and on completion of patent requirements.

In vitro data

CHD-FA was used in-vivo to improve the glucose uptake in Chang liver cells and in C2C12 muscle cells. The improvement was of the same order as that of Metformin.

Medical Research Council Report on the Ability of CHD-FA to Increase Glucose Uptake - 22 December 2008

Click here to download full report

In vivo data

CHD-FA was used to improve the uptake of glucose in streptozotocin (STZ) diabetes induced rats.

Medical Research Council of South Africa Report on the in-vivo improvement in the uptake of glucose - 17 November 2008

Click here to download full report

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