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"They call it the Elixir of Life
and theorize that without it,
nothing would live and or
be healthy..."


The Active ingredient in FULVI - NATURES MIRACLE TM is CHD-FA TM (Carbo Hydrate Derived Fulvic Acid). Due to small molecular size and complexity, it has been recognized as "nature's miracle molecule" by many scientists and doctors around the world.

Fulvi - Natures Miracle TM contains over 70 organic plant-source fulvic and humic trace minerals, amino acids and essential trace minerals. Fulvic Acid is considered to be nature's most potent and effective anti -oxidant, immune booster and multi electrolyte.
Full Vitality Health (Pty) Ltd has acknowledged these benefits and assists in delivering these complex and vital components of Fulvic Acid to you.

Advantages of using FULVI - NATURES MIRACLE TM Wellness Tonic & Capsules include:
  • Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant
  • Facilitates the Absorption of Nutrients
  • Boosting the Body's Immune System
  • Fighting Infections:
    • Colds & Flu
    • Sore Throat & Mouth Infections
    • Sores & Skin Infections
  • Bacterial & Fungal Infections
  • Fighting Fatigue
  • Improving Energy & Vitality
  • Helps Overcome Inflammatory Conditions
  • Assists with maintaining optimal health & mental wellbeing
  • Assists with cell nourishment & cell stimulation
  • Assists with new cell growth and rejuvenation
  • Assists human enzyme production
  • Encourages the body to heal
Fulvi - Natures Miracle TM Wellness Tonic & Capsules is the everyday complete life giving, protective and healing solution for you and the whole family.

We strive for only the best quality products and service

Full Vitality Health (Pty) Ltd is a company driven by providing quality Fulvic Acid health products to our customers at the best service possible. We believe in building long, ethical and trustworthy relationships with all companies and individuals no matter how big or small.

Fulvi - Natures Miracle TM Tonic & Capsules are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities. Stringent quality processes are used as well as medical grade oxygen and water. GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is used to make sure the products and raw materials used are pure, consistent and conforms to quality control standards at all times. The manufacturing of CHD-FATM as well as the process is patent protected.

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